Something™ Spaces

Spaces is the world’s first global public art exhibition – a cultural initiative to democratise creativity & realise its potential by uniting space owners, independent creators & communities

Our Spaces

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Spaces is the result of great, like-minded people coming together to create a more interesting world. The more partners we get on board, the greater the impact we can have so we can all realise the benefits & value together.

If you’re one of the following we’d love to hear from you...

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    Space Owners

    People who own or have access to under-utilised public spaces, from websites to windows or walls — any space we can reimagine.

  • 02

    Independent Creators

    From emerging to established, we’re always looking for creators who want to connect with new audiences & make Something™ happen.

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    Production Partners & Brands

    Those who can help us reimagine more spaces – whether by providing their products or services, helping us with installation or by investing in the initiative.

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    Publishers & Media Partners

    Media owners that can help us share the stories of our installations with relevant & appreciative audiences around the world.

Let’s build Spaces together.

Get in touch to find out how.